The adamana™ Smart ID Tag


Secure GPS Tracker and Two-Way Communicator


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To date, about 97% of missing child cases are solved. Though it may appear significant, PDRM statistics show that at least 360 children are still missing, and their cases yet unsolved. One child’s life is still a life; and cannot be quantified in terms of ringgits and sens.


In our daily lives, school-going children more often than not, have no means of communicating directly with their parents; what with mobile and smartphones being banned from school premises. More importantly, the fringe hours of sending them to and picking them up from school, remain gaps when sometimes the location of the child is uncertain or not known.


Introducing adamana™, a mobile IoT solution by Adacode Systems Sdn Bhd, a local Bumiputera-owned tech innovation company based in Kuala Lumpur.


adamana™ is certified with CE marking Europe acquired in 2018, SIRIM-QAS Malaysia and POSTEL Indonesia, both certifications acquired in 2019, and has also registered its industrial design with MyIPO.


adamana™ is smart wearable in the form of integrated smart ID tag. It is a personal tracker and two-way communicator via existing cellular networks.


Each device can be managed using the adamana™ mobile app; downloadable free from Android’s Google Play or iOS’ AppStore. The device works independently without the need to have the smartphone with the app nearby. Hence, the device can be monitored remotely from any part of the world as long as there is cellular reception. The device location is triangulated via GPS/ A-GPS, WPS (Wi-Fi Positioning System) and LBS (cell tower location-based service), hence providing an accuracy of just a few meters for any location ping.


In addition, the device can be pre-programmed with up to five telephone numbers which cellular calls can be made to and from the device. This ensures that only the pre-programmed numbers can monitor the device as well as communicate with it.


adamana™ is also equipped with a value-added security feature. In times of trouble or emergency, an SOS button when pressed, alerts each monitoring parent/ adult/ teacher with a siren notification displaying the device’s latest location position.


As an MSC Status Company, Adacode Systems feel prompted to be the first touch point of a connected infrastructure to address the issue of child safety at school head on. It is committed to continuously explore innovations in the IoT (Internet of Things) space with a view to improving our daily lives.


“Peace of mind is knowing where your loved ones are all the time, any time.”